How does this work?

Netcyber's Broadband Telephone Service uses your current high speed internet connection such as DSL, Cable, T1 from your local telephone company or high speed cable from your local cable company. Voice and data packets are sent via the Internet which allows for phone transmissions.

What hardware will I need?

You will need 1 pieces of hardware ~ VOIP capable telephone (CISCO SPA 303 Recommended) or (ATA) adapter. If you have home network chances are that you will have a router. The "ATA" or "CISCO SPA 303" transmits voice in to data packets and sends these packets over the internet to the receiving end.

How am I billed for long distance calls?

Most of our plans include free nationwide calls. International calls are prepaid at excellent rates and voice quality (carrier Verizon). You can review your call activities anytime 24/7 by logging into your account.

What do you mean by choose your own area code?

When you subscribe with us, you get a second phone number or you can port your existing number.

What are the advantages of having an area code somewhere else?

If you have a telephone number with an area code in another area, then all calls to and from that area code are regarded as local calls. That way, you can receive local calls from another area code on the other side of the continent. Basically, you can establish a presence from your company in different parts of the world. Give the impression of a much bigger company and facilitate your customers overseas to communicate with you by dialing a local number from their area.

What is the feature of Portability?

With this service, you can simply unplug your ATA and take it to work or on travel with you and plug it in to any router connected to the Internet and use the service with no "Roaming" or other charges.

What if I can't get my service to work?

If you have any problems with connecting or using our broadband service, our tech support technicians are available for any assistance to walk you through connections.

What features do I get with this service?

The features included in this service are very similar to that of a regular PBX SYSTEM with Caller ID, Call Transfer, VoiceMail, etc… The additional value added features with this broadband service is the ability to have a phone number with an outside area code including in a different Country, called service portability.

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