Cloud Based PBX System

A new breed of service provider is emerging to provide new and innovative products and services at greatly reduced costs by taking advantage of the Internet as the infrastructure for their networks. The underlying technology that allows these new and exciting possibilities is called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). By implementing this new technology, Netcyber has established itself as a forerunner in the major paradigm shift now taking place in the telecommunications industry.

Why should I switch my PBX phone service to Netcyber?

  • Save 70-80% on your monthly bill compared to what you are paying now
  • More phone features
  • Crystal clear call quality (our primary carrier: Verizon)
  • Free nationwide calls
  • Free international calls (for multi-location companies)

  •                            When you say "Free International calls for multi-location
                      companies..." What does that mean?

  • Say you get the most basic plan which is 10 extensions. You can assign 5 of those 10 extensions to your international location anywhere in the world, and all you would have to do is dial that extension assigned internationally and talk for as long as you want, for free

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